AP/IB Biology Unit Maps

I’ve spent considerable time this year re-working my unit maps. As the Winter break progresses, I will update this page. I’ve also developed screen casts of each map so students can better understand them. I will share all of this publicly. Continue to check back here.

Click on any of the links below to see how I have mentally organized each unit I teach in my IB/AP Biology class.

Each map has the following categories:

  • essential concepts (IB Assessment Statements) grouped into larger meta-concepts
  • essential lab work: the extensive, student-centered lab experiences
  • class activities: things I plan to do with students to teach the essential concepts (I’m really working to avoid lecturing this year, and I’m trying to start every class with an experience)
  • assumed prior knowledge: concepts students should be familiar with from 9th grade biology or their junior year anatomy class
  • essential skill development: the skills I’m trying to get students to use in class, regardless of the content
  • connections to past and future content.

You can view any of these maps as a PDF and zoom in and out. If you are a mac user and you purchase Mind Node Pro, you access the actual mind node maps at the bottom of the page. If you have mind node pro, you can fold the maps in and out (increase or decrease the level of detail) and use them as teaching tools*.

Unit 1: Botany/Plant Science_2013-2014

Unit 2: Ecology_2013-2014

Unit 3: Bioenergetics (2013-2014)

Unit 4: Molecular Genetics_fully expanded (2013-2014)

* If you’re a mac user and want the actual mind maps, let me know via email and I’ll share the maps via dropbox. I am having difficulty linking the maps to my blog.

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