This never gets any easier

There is something seductively satisfying about administrative work. Just when I think I’ve overcome the last large obstacle, I push myself towards something bigger. If I just didn’t care, this wouldn’t be such a big deal. However, I do care. And this is a big deal.
It’s 9:28 pm on an unseasonably warm January night. I’ve been at my desk in this windowless office since 9am (okay, so I left to go to Cub Scouts and eat dinner), and my night is far from over. Next steps include assembling all the materials needed to pull of the agenda shown here.
What are you looking at? You’re looking at 700 high school students in five different AP Science disciplines engaging in essential content.
You are looking at the collective work of some of the finest AP instructors in Alabama (and one equally talented instructor from Georgia). You are looking at what happens when good ideas are turned into reality. You are looking at a team effort.

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